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BMV Solutions provides tender preparation, strategy and training services. We save you time, improve your tenders and help you stand out from the crowd. We partner with you to develop winning tender strategies and grow your business.

Tender Writing

Writing and submitting tenders can be daunting and time consuming, particularly if you have limited experience or need to concentrate on your core business.

BMV Solutions’personnel are highly experienced tendering professionals. We specialise in creating winning tender responses. We have a proven approach to bid management which we can tailor to meet:

  • The time available
  • The commitments of your personnel
  • Your business processes and requirements

As a specialist tender preparation consultancy, BMV Solutions provides a value for money and effective service by:

  • Helping you to plan your tender response
  • Using our vast experience to analyse the tender requirements
  • Providing independent and impartial reviews
  • Working on your behalf to allow you to focus on your existing clients and current work

Tender Response Training

We understand the importance of information sharing, mentoring, continuous improvement and ongoing professional development.

We can help you to improve your tender team’s skills.

Training and awareness sessions can cover topics such as:

  • Tendering overview
  • The tender process
  • One and two stage tenders
  • Why purchasers request tenders
  • Preparing to tender - risks and opportunities of tendering
  • The Go|No Go process
  • Tender strategy
  • Tender analysis
  • Responding to the request for tender
  • Managing the bid

Customised Tender Templates

A successful tender starts with the right response template that addresses all the purchaser’s requirements. It should also help you stand out from your competitors.

A generic template is unlikely to be right for every tender or every purchaser.

Our templates are customised to the tender you are responding to and branded to help you stand out from the crowd.

Our templates also contain our advice and ideas about the content you should include, so you get much more than just a simple template – you benefit from our years of experience.