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Tender Tips

Here we share tips and tricks to help you win more tenders and have greater success as a tender writer.
16 SEP
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Statement of Tax Record for Government Tenders

If you want to tender for Federal Government work, you may need a satisfactory Statement of Tax Record from the Australian Tax Office as part of the tender writing process.

19 AUG
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Why You Should Attend a Tender Briefing or Site Visit

A tender briefing is a useful method for buyers to provide information about a tender process with potential respondents and may even involve a visit to inspect a proposed service site.

10 JUL
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Making Sense of Tender Documents

So, you’ve found a tender that you’re interested in, gone to the tender notice, and you’ve downloaded the tender documents. The next step of the tender preparation process is to start to read through the documents, to understand what the purchaser wants to see from your response.

19 JUN
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Finding Tenders That Suit Your Business

Generally speaking, writing winning tenders begins with finding the tender opportunities that best suit your business. While it is, of course, possible to get results from an approach of “let’s try for everything”, being more selective and targeted is likely to improve your chance of success on any given tender submission and deliver a much better return on investment.

28 MAY
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Being Ready to Tender: Preparing for Success

As in any walk of life, when it comes to tender writing, preparation is key. Regardless of if you’re an experienced tenderer, or you’re looking to break into tendering for the first time, there are various considerations you should keep in mind when getting ready to tender.

16 MAY
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Tendering: The Basics you Need to Know

In simple terms, a tender is a job application, except that it’s businesses that are applying, rather than individuals. Purchasers (state and federal government departments, local councils, or even some companies) will issue a request for tender, or RFT, when they’re looking for suppliers of a product or service that they need.