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560190 - Infringement Processing and Issuing solution.

Agency Brisbane City Council
State Queensland
Type Invitation to Offer
Category 43191501 - Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications - (100%)

Early Market Engagement (EME) 560190 for Infringement Processing and Issuing solution.

Council is conducting an Early Market Engagement (EME) process to provide the market with a high-level overview of the upcoming tender activity for an Infringement Processing and Issuing solution. Suppliers are invited to participate in the EME to gain access to documentation outlining the general scope, high-level systems, processes and initial requirements of the upcoming opportunity.
Council’s intention for releasing this information is to inform the market of the upcoming tender opportunity and ensure that interested suppliers are well informed to be able to submit quality proposals for the tender activity. With the exception of registration from interested participants in the EME, Council does not expect to receive anything from the market in response to the EME content.
Council encourages interested suppliers to register and read the EME documents in their entirety to contextualise the proposed upcoming opportunity.


Council currently issues and managed Warning Infringement Notices and Infringement Notices, collectively referred to as Infringement Notices under Local and State legislation. Primarily these Infringement Notices are issued for regulated parking, but they also include animal, environment, malls, development and built environment Infringement Notices. The broad range of infringement types that Council issues adds complexity to the infringement management lifecycle. Additionally, Council is appointed as the enforcement agent for various toll roads in Brisbane and therefore works with Toll Road Operator, Transurban, to issue Infringement Notices for tolling offences.
Council’s existing infringement technology solutions are delivered through two main contracts, which are approaching the end of their current contract terms. Council is seeking to renew or replace the existing infringement processing and issuing systems with modern and integrated end-to-end solution(s). This will allow Council to deliver an enhanced range of services to customers, with the potential to improve the levels of customer service, accuracy and efficiency in delivering these services.
The Infringement Processing and Issuing sourcing activity will be undertaken in two phases, consisting of an Early Market Engagement (EME) phase, followed by a Request for Proposal (RFP) phase. This EME seeks to assist interested suppliers to understand and plan for the upcoming RFP opportunity.

Vendor Registration
Each EME participant is required to register on Council’s Supplier Portal and return a completed registration form and Non-Disclosure Deeds. Registration Details can be obtained from Council’s contact officer via email or downloaded from the supplier portal at the following link: 560190 - Infringement Processing and Issuing EME

Once registered, vendors will be provided with access to the EME Information Pack via Council’s Supplier Portal.

The table below details the timeframes for the EME activities and indicative timeframes for the subsequent RFP. An industry briefing was held on 30 November 2018. The slides (including Q&A from the industry briefing) have been published as part of the EME Information Pack.

MilestonesTarget Date
Close date for EME questions and clarifications 11 January 2019
Date of release to market (RFP)Late January 2019
Tender closingEarly March 2019
Evaluation completionMid-May 2019
Contract commencementLate July 2019

Closing Date 29 Mar 19
Link 560190 - Infringement Processing and Issuing solution.
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