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2019 Spanner Crab Survey

Agency Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
State Queensland
Type Invitation to Offer
Category 70161701 - Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services - (50%)

The objectives of the spanner crab survey are to obtain fishery-independent catch-per-unit-effort data, record length frequency and sex ratio data, identify interactions with species of conservation interest, and monitor bycatch composition.
The survey aims to collect a fishery independent index of abundance for the East coast Spanner crab stock. The survey is completed once every calendar year, across each of the five regions within Queensland’s managed area A (C2) fishery area (see Map below). A similar survey is completed in NSW waters. The survey data are used every two years, in combination with commercial fishery catch rate data to set the bi-annual quota for the fishery. The customer is seeking to engage up to 5 suitably experienced contractors to deliver the survey services for each region, conducted at the same time and will take five consecutive working days between April 29th and May 3rd, 2019.

Closing Date 11 Apr 19
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